Part-time volunteers (local residents)

People resident in the project areas have the opportunity to participate as part-time volunteers for a longer period of time. Their participation is organized according to the needs of each project.

Part-time Rescue Centre volunteer

The Rescue Centre is supported throughout the year by a dedicated team of part- time volunteers, who are residents of Athens and the surrounding areas. Below are the options available for part-time participation:

The rescue & rehabilitation program, all year round. Part-time volunteers will receive training from experienced volunteers and the Rescue and Rehabilitation Officer and can share duties and responsibilities for cleaning of tanks and preparation of meals and feeding the animals. They will be able to observe medical treatments and procedures. They may be asked to participate in transportations of injured turtles and in releases of treated animals back to the sea. They may also be asked to offer their skills to technical and maintenance duties in installations of the Rescue Centre. The duties of each part-time volunteer are agreed with the supervising officer, taking into account the needs of the program and the specific time availability of the volunteer. The minimal time requirement in this program is 4 weeks with at least 4 days participation/week.

The Visitor information and public awareness program, every day between 13:00-15:00 and/or every Saturday and Sunday between 12:00-17:00. Part-time volunteers will receive training from the Awareness Officer and will be responsible for guided tours of visitors during the hours that the Rescue Center is open to the public. The minimal requirement for this program is 4 weeks with at least 2 days of participation during this period.

A participation fee of €30 is required for part-time volunteers. This fee covers administrative costs and annual subscription as ARCHELON supporter.

Preparatory meetings are organized each month to provide more information on volunteer duties. You can find out more by filling up the on –line application form below.




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