Our news


Our news

  1. 12/04/2024

    Coordination for the protection of sea turtles in Rethymno: Local authorities and tourism businesses join forces

  2. Nesting beach

    "Tourists and turtles?" The environmental awareness campaign of ARCHELON spreads to the nesting beaches of the Loggerhead sea turtle

  3. 04/04/2024

    LIFE MareNatura - The largest marine biodiversity program in Greece

  4. A stranded sea turtle on the beach

    Citizens inform us of sea turtle strandings

  5. 19/03/2024

    Contributing to international developments on sea turtle research and conservation

  6. 08/03/2024

    The Over & Above Awards for 2023

  7. Freferique, an ARCHELON volunteer at the rescue centre, releases a rehabilitated sea turtle back to the sea

    The moving experience of Frederique at the Rescue Centre

  8. 29/02/2024

    Presentation of ARCHELON 2023 Results: Here is some good news!

  9. 02/02/2024

    Sea turtles in the Greek wetlands of international importance

  10. 24/01/2024

    Why are ARCHELON’s projects international?

  11. 17/01/2024

    ARCHELON has been running a special hospital for sea turtles with tanks and impressive old train wagons for 30 years in Glyfada

  12. 05/01/2024

    What happened in the world of ARCHELON in 2023?

  13. 21/12/2023

    Assuming responsibility for the environment brings more meaning into our lives

  14. 20/12/2023

    Forty years later: the world of ARCHELON has expanded

  15. 20/12/2023

    19 Environmental NGOs ask the Greek Government not to consent to a change in the wolf protection status in Europe

  16. 15/12/2023

    Messages of love from the world turtle community!

  17. 14/12/2023

    When the past becomes a lighthouse for the future

  18. 12/12/2023

    Notes of a volunteer (Part 2): Ηead trauma happens more often and is more serious than you think

  19. 04/12/2023

    Notes of a volunteer (Part 1): Jessica Van Damme was at the Rescue Centre

  20. 30/11/2023

    Summer 2024: Come back to sea turtle conservation as a leader!

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