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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How do I apply?

    This online application is used for full-time volunteers, Greek speakers and interns in all projects. Please fill it in after you have read carefully all information for participating in our projects in the BECOME A VOLUNTEER section of our website. You will notice there is an APPLY button at the bottom of each project description page as well, for your convenience. A copy of the successfully submitted application will be sent to your email address automatically.

  2. 2. Is there more than one type of application on the website?

  3. 3. When can I apply?

  4. 4. When should I expect an answer?

  5. 5. How do I decide which project to choose?

  6. 6. What are the chances to be placed in my first choice?

  7. 7. Can I volunteer with a friend(s)?

  8. 8. Is a combination of participation in more than one projects possible?

  9. 9. When should I book airplane tickets?

  10. 10. When do summer field projects start?

  11. 11. When do summer field projects end?

  12. 12. Does the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre have start and end dates?

  13. 13. How old I should be in order to volunteer full time in ARCHELON?

  14. 14. When do I have to arrive at the project?

  15. 15. What time should I arrive at the project?

  16. 16. What if the flights are too expensive for the dates of my arrival/departure?

  17. 17. Can I ask for a change in my participation dates?

  18. 18. What is the best way of paying my participation fee?

  19. 19. Do I need to bring my own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag etc) or can I buy or rent it on my arrival?

  20. 20. Is there any safe storage for my valuables?

  21. 21. Do you organize pickups from the airport?

  22. 22. Can I get a certificate of participation?

  23. 23. I want to volunteer between November and April. Is this possible?

  24. 24. Is there a maximum participation period at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre?

  25. 25. What is the difference between the State of Health and the confirmation or certificate of health from your doctor?

  26. 26. Is the blood group important to fill in at the State of Health?

  27. 27. If I have some health issues, can I still participate in the project?

  28. 28. Can I participate under the European Solidarity Corps (ESC)?

  29. 29. Do you accept students as interns?

  30. 30. Do you offer research opportunities in ARCHELON projects?

  31. 31. Measures in place for Covid-19

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