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Public Awareness

Sea turtle threats are part of the grand scheme of problems that entire marine ecosystems are facing today. Environmental education and public awareness are essential in order to find and implement appropriate solutions to address these problems, both on shore and at sea.

At the ARCHELON Rescue Centre in Glyfada, Attica, the public is informed about sea turtle rescue, care and conservation actions through specially designed guided tours that are given by trained staff and volunteers within the facilities. During 2022, more than 11,000 visitors from all over the world and approximately 10,000 students and teachers were informed at the Rescue Center. Learn more and make an appointment HERE.

Outdoor Information Stations operate every summer in Zakynthos, Crete and the Peloponnese where sea turtles nest. At the seasonal information stations as well as at presentations that are systematically organized in local hotels, information on the biology of the species and on the appropriate behaviour of visitors at the nesting beaches is provided. The Stations and partner hotels also announce the dates of other events that are open for the public, where one can watch a public nest excavation or the return of a rehabilitated turtle to the sea. In 2022, approximately 20,000 visitors were informed in Crete, 27,000 in Zakynthos and 11,000 in the Peloponnese.

Informative walks on the nesting beaches of Rethymno and Kyparissia Bay are held for organized groups who can watch the nest protection actions taking place by trained volunteers. Learn more and make an appointment HERE.

Number of students and teachers that took part in the educational activities at the Rescue Centre per school year
Our actions

Environmental Education

Since 1985, ARCHELON has been conducting a multifaceted educational program throughout Greece with presentations for students and with the distribution of portable educational packages to schools. Today, the Loggerhead has become one of the most famous wild animals of our country and a symbol for threatened wildlife in Greece. The aim of all the educational activities is to explain the basic functions of nature, as well as the position of man within it, using the example of the turtle and working with the common assumption that "we all share the same earth".

The Environmental Education program at the Rescue Centre in Glyfada, Attica is attended, either in person or online, by approximately 10,000 students and teachers every year. The program is conducted by trained staff and volunteers of the Association. Reservation required HERE.

ARCHELON field researchers organize educational presentations for students at the Kyparissia Bay area (Agiannakis Environmental Station). To schedule a school visit there (in May, June or September) contact (+30) 6932285817 or

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