Open Call for Field Leaders: If you can dream it, you can do it!

Do you have a knack for biological data collection or for communication and raising public awareness about nature and the environment? Have you ever volunteered in a conservation project or carried out field work in a team camping in the countryside? Are you interested in building communities with people from diverse countries and cultures? Do you think you can train and help other volunteers to carry out their tasks? Then, let’s talk about field leaders in sea turtle conservation projects in Greece.


ARCHELON has been monitoring the reproduction of loggerhead sea turtles with the help of volunteers for almost 40 years now. There are seven nesting beach conservation projects organised every summer in Greece. The aim of these projects is to monitor and protect the reproduction of loggerhead sea turtles, while raising public awareness on the matter. Participation is open and inclusive and volunteers from all over the world join the projects. A limited number of experienced and skilled volunteers is selected to become the Field Leaders of each project.

Field Leaders are responsible for leading the teams and ensuring the proper on-site implementation of sea turtle monitoring actions (Monitoring Field Leaders), public awareness actions (Public Awareness Field Leaders) and the good state of ARCHELON Research Stations (Camp and Volunteer Leaders). Together they formulate the weekly schedule, boost the motivation of volunteers and manage occurring problems, in cooperation with the Project Managers.


The submission of applications has a deadline at the end of January. The selection is finalised by the end of March. ”ARCHELON will provide the necessary training, starting with an on line course during a weekend in April. This is followed by a one day seminar in Athens at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in early May, before their project teams set off to the nesting beaches. On- site training will be organised around July, depending on the needs of each project” says Aliki Panagopoulou, the Research Coordinator of ARCHELON.

The field leader position offers a higher level of experience in conservation projects, as well as improved communication and leadership skills. ‘The most important thing I learned was maintaining and building connections with people even if we were only working together over a short period of time’, says Jacob Whelan, last year’s Monitoring Field Leader of the Kyparissia Bay Project.

Field Leaders are not entitled to a salary but they are provided with non-fee training, camping accommodations, basic food expenses, as well as insurance against accidents. Candidates with previous experience as field leaders in ARCHELON’s or other relevant projects will be eligible for additional benefits.

Returning to the projects as a field leader is a great opportunity to lead the activities as well as train and help others. “I really enjoyed my work and I am very satisfied with how this season went. It was an amazing experience!", says Lucie Grosjean, last year’s Public Awareness Field Leader of the Chania Project.

To be eligible for a Field leader post, you need to be over 20 years old, with a car driving license (EU or international), be fluent in English and ready to spend from 3 – 6 months on the site. Having previously participated in ARCHELON’s projects is a serious advantage.

Applications for the Field Leader positions of the coming season are now open with a deadline of 31 January 2023

If you can dream it, you can do it! You will find everything about submitting you application here .



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