A stone with a 23-year history…

For the ʽsea turtle peopleʼ this rock meant that on 2 August 1988, an ARCHELON volunteer saw the tiny trail of a hatchling heading towards the sea – they might even have seen the turtle itself, if they were lucky enough. And now, 23 years later, ARCHELON volunteers can still be found on the same beach, carrying on the same morning patrols for the same reason: to locate, survey and protect the Laganas Gulf nests.

A lot has changed since then. With the creation of the Zakynthos National Marine Park by Presidential Decree in 1999 and the establishment of its Management Agency in 2000, a lot of steps relating to the management of the protected area have been taken, including serious attempts to protect the beaches on a 24-hour basis in order to avoid any disturbances during the nesting period, and to protect the coastal ecosystem – remarkable efforts.

Looking back, though, in the end there hasnʼt been a huge change on the part of the State: The staff of the Management Agency remain unpaid for the last eight months, the protection plan cannot be adequately implemented – despite the heroic efforts of the existing personnel – and the Agencyʼs research team has not been on the nesting beaches for the last two years. Volunteers from ARCHELON and other non-governmental environmental organizations are once again called upon to make up for the absence of the Greek State in the integrated, seamless and efficient management of the environment in Greece. Once again, Greece has been disgraced by the huge European Union fines it must pay for not adequately protecting the most significant Mediterranean habitat of the endangered Caretta caretta.

Why focus on the sea turtle? Because each person chooses an area in which to contribute, whether it is the environment, society, or something else. When we contribute collectively to one purpose, each in his/her own unique way, the results will be greater and more successful.

During a morning beach patrol, then, a stone may remind us again of our role, sending us an encouraging message: We were here, we are here, and we will continue to be here to protect the coast and the sea because of the sea turtles, and to serve as a reminder that the protection of the environment must become a key item on Greeceʼs political agenda for this reason. The environment consists of both the life forms living in it and also their right to a fair standard of living.

(Smaro Touliatou) (Translation by Joanne Stournara)

Protection of Sekania Beach, the core of the National Marine Park. On this 700 metre- long beach, an average of 600 sea turtles gather to build their nests every summer, according to ARCHELONʼs on-going nest-building observation programme, which began in 1983. For the protection of this internationally important beach, WWF Greece has bought the land behind the beach to insure that it will remain untouched and will continue to be a refuge for sea turtles in future.



    Ecotourism in Peloponnese and Crete: Explore a Loggerhead sea turtle nesting beach

    ARCHELON offers a unique ecological experience for the lucky and aware travelers who will find themselves this summer on important Loggerhead sea turtle nesting beaches that the Association protects.

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    Sea Turtles Surprise us: if you see tracks on the beach, help ARCHELON's research!

    Not all beaches on Greece's extensive coastline are suitable for sea turtle nesting, but sometimes these marine reptiles surprise us! This summer, ARCHELON is asking for your help to investigate a phenomenon called "sporadic nesting".

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    ATTENTION! Sea turtles are not pets: Do not touch them or feed them!

    In areas where a sea turtle associates human presence with food, it’s behavior changes. The turtle treats humans as well as other turtles as competitors in its feeding grounds and tries to drive them away with bites.

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    30 Years of Hope: The Sea Turtle Rescue Centre of ARCHELON Celebrates World Sea Turtle Day

    Every year on June 16th, we celebrate World Sea Turtle Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about these magnificent creatures and the threats they face. This year is particularly important for ARCHELON, as the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre marks 30 years of operation.

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    Poster contest for children and young adults: Welcome the 2024 turtle hatchlings on the beaches!

    Watercolors, markers, collage, computer, phone? Everything is useful. Use your creativity and imagination to make an A3 or A4 size poster announcing that the 2024 sea turtle eggs are about to hatch.

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    Amvrakikos Project 2024: Special Call for a Field Leader

    ARCHELON is looking for a highly motivated person to lead its project in Amvrakikos Gulf, one of the few foraging sites for loggerhead turtles in Greece linking several populations nesting across the Mediterranean region.

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    Τhe nesting of loggerhead sea turtles started earlier this year and the effects of the climate crisis on the oceans are worrying

    For the first time, in the 40 years of ARCHELON records, the first sea turtle nest was found in Laganas Gulf, Zakythos on May 10th. Scientific predictions of the nesting season moving earlier in the spring due to climate change are being confirmed.

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    Save Turtles, See Greece on a Budget

    Dreaming of pristine Greek beaches and a chance to make a real difference? Here's why June and September are the perfect months to volunteer with sea turtle conservation efforts in Greece!

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    Sea Turtle Festival for Kids 2024

    Save the date! On Saturday 18 May at 11:00, the ARCHELON Rescue Centre opens its doors to welcome young and old sea turtle friends who want to celebrate, explore, learn, play and travel magically in the Mediterranean Sea. We are waiting for you to strengthen our message for a better and sustainable planet!

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  10. OUR NEWS

    A successful year for the International Sea Turtle Symposium

    The International Sea Turtle Symposium concluded triumphantly this March in Pattaya, Thailand, with ARCHELON actively participating.

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  11. OUR NEWS

    A Morning Beach Patrol with ARCHELON

    The camera lens of Stefanos and Maria of SteMajourneys caught a rare sight in the early morning: a Loggerhead sea turtle nesting! The volunteers in Chania took action right away to protect the nest.

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  12. OUR NEWS

    Protecting sea turtles in Rethymno- Our Ocean, an Ocean of Potential

    The 9th International Conference "Our Ocean", which was held in Athens from April 15 to 17, was successfully completed. ARCHELON had the honor to actively take part in the conference and hosted a side event.

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  13. OUR NEWS

    Coordination for the protection of sea turtles in Rethymno: Local authorities and tourism businesses join forces

    The meeting, which took place on April 5, 2024, in the building of the Regional Unit of Rethymno, touched upon key issues, such as the observance of conservation measures for the protection of the Loggerhead sea turtle. Given the tourist activity on the nesting beaches, the active participation of the tourism sector in the implementation of the measures is necessary.

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  14. OUR NEWS

    "Tourists and turtles?" The environmental awareness campaign of ARCHELON spreads to the nesting beaches of the Loggerhead sea turtle

    After the pandemic, ARCHELON - the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece - is once again mobilizing on the path to sustainable tourism. The aim of the new campaign is to provide information on the appropriate code of conduct for visitors to all nesting beaches, in cooperation with the tourism sector.

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  15. OUR NEWS

    LIFE MareNatura - The largest marine biodiversity program in Greece

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