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A sad record: over 700 dead sea turtles in 2020


ARCHELON calls for more awareness as this number is the highest since the establishment of the Stranding Network in 1992. Accidental catches in fishing gear and swallowing plastic waste are the main threats at sea.

More than 700 sea turtles were found stranded on Greek shores in 2020


The update of the sea turtle stranding database of ARCHELON has just been completed with the 700 reports of dead animals stranded in 2020. The local Coast Guards are responsible for the official recording of strandings in Greece, as well as for the notification of the Municipal Authority that takes care of their sanitary disposal.

Sea Turtles stranding on Greek coasts: The most important causes


Sights of dead sea turtles from many spots of coastal Greece are often published in the media. Apart from cases of intentional injury by humans that are more obvious and usually isolated, the main question of public concern is whether sea turtle deaths are related to natural causes or anthropogenic activities.

We still need you by our side


We managed to get through last year, and we are still holding on! You were there with us on this difficult course due to the pandemic, and we always want you by our side!


Our Accounts for 2020

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the core activities of ARCHELON were successfully completed. Travel restrictions and the need to comply with the measures against the spread of COVID19, had as a consequence the cancellation of thousands of educational visits / tours to the Rescue Center in Glyfada and the cancellation of participation for about 80% of volunteers from abroad in all projects.

The Rescue Center continued to operate with a high sense of responsibility on the part of staff, 30 local volunteers and 35 volunteers from abroad, several of whom extended their stay to assist in taking care of the sea turtles there. By the end of November there have been 33 new admissions of injured or sick turtles to the Centre, 17 releases after successful treatment and 11 deaths.

The monitoring and protection of loggerhead nesting was successfully completed for the 37th consecutive year. The dedicated project teams included 98 volunteers, 11 seasonal associates and 5 staff members. Approximately 6500 nests were recorded in a total of 74 km of nesting beaches in Zakynthos, southern Kyparissia bay, Crete and southern Peloponnese.


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