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Four ARCHELON volunteers climbed the famous volcano El Teide and raised funds for ARCHELON. How did that happen?


It all started when “our” Megan McFarlane found out that The Fair Earth Foundation, a registered UK charity, runs in the first week of every month a special challenge to climb Mt Teide. El Teide is located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, and it’s the third highest volcano in the world.

Sea turtles that unite the Mediterranean


A loggerhead sea turtle observed by ARCHELON to nest in Zakynthos in 2018 and 2019 was transferred exhausted to the Tunisian Sea Turtle Rescue Center in 2020. Annual reproduction implies a high energy toll for sea turtles.

Learning more about male sea turtles in the Mediterranean


There are many mysteries of sea turtles and their life in the sea remaining to be solved. An example is male sea turtles which are less studied than the females and their behavior is not well known. Do they inhabit the same habitats as those of females? To what extend do they reside in other areas that would benefit from conservation?

Big loss after 28 years of active reproduction


The Italian marine species protection organization DelTA contacted us after finding a dead loggerhead in the Gulf of Trieste and it turned out it was M8153, one of the oldest that have been marked in ARCHELON’s projects.


Our Accounts for 2019

2019 was a great year in many ways. First of all, there was a particularly high participation of volunteers in ARCHELON’s projects, coming from abroad and from Greece. In a total of 134 km of beach in Zakynthos, Kyparissia, Crete, southern Peloponnese, Preveza which were systematically surveyed, we recorded 6,400 loggerhead nests and the first green turtle nest (in southern Crete).

The Rescue Center hosted 83 turtles, 26 of which came in previous years. New treatment techniques were tried out and resulted in 43 recovered sea turtles having been released back to the sea, more than any other year.

The publication of research on plastics in sea turtles in Greece, a project in which we participated, confirmed the magnitude of the problem. ARCHELON teams participated in the removal of garbage and abandoned fishing gear in the project areas.

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