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Impressive images of sea turtles at sea were recorded by drones


Τhe first presentation of ARCHELON’s sea turtle conservation work by drones has been made publically available. What are drones?

The Rescue Center is expanding


Last year brought significant improvements to the ARCHELON Rescue Center facilities in Glyfada. The pumping installations for the tanks was replaced, additional tanks were supplied and connected, a wooden platform was constructed next to the external tanks and modern surgical equipment was acquired as planned in the LIFE EUROTURTLES project…

Α love story in the Mediterranean Sea


How does a hatchling feel just before it hatches? What advice will the squid give him on humans?
"Α love story in the Mediterranean Sea", is an illustrated fairy tale created by 17 of ARCHELON's volunteers originating from 5 countries.

Presentation of the 2018 results in a few words


On February 14th ARCHELON members and colleagues gathered in the hospitable venue of Patakis bookstore for the presentation of ARCHELON’s results in the 2018 projects.


Our Accounts for 2018

More than 650 people contributed

  • About 510 full-time volunteers participated in conservation actions on the field and 25 of them took up duties of field leaders. About 14% of these volunteers came from Greece.
  • About 114 volunteers supported the operations of the Rescue network, the care and rehabilitation of injured and sick turtles and environmental awareness at the Rescue center throughout the year. Out of these, 50 were part time volunteers resident s of Athens greater area and 64 were full time volunteers from different countries.
  • The selection and training of field leaders and the rest of the volunteers in sea turtle monitoring, conservation, rescue, care and rehabilitation, communication and fund raising has been a year round activity of ARCHELON. More than 70 internships from 25 educational institutions were accepted in the 2018 projects.
  • Administration, management and coordination duties were performed by 15 members of staff, while about 15 people - ARCHELON members- offered their expertise and voluntary services as members of the Board of Directors, the different Committees and Working groups.

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