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Great luck to meet “Ella”, the beautiful fairy, again in Kalo Nero, Kyparissia bay


To see “Ella” safely return back to Kalo Nero, in Kyparissia Bay, where it was tagged in 2019 by an ARCHELON team led by Alan F. Rees, is something to celebrate for. We had the great luck to observe this sea turtle throughout its migration between two reproductive periods in the Mediterranean!

Four-month extension for Life Euroturtles with co-financing of the Ministry of Environment


The project was extended for four months as the pandemic caused many delays and difficulties in carrying out actions for most partners. ARCHELON is the Greek partner of this project, collaborating with the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy and local bodies, and is heading towards the completion of the actions that have been foreseen.

Sea turtles are still in danger in Laganas bay, Zakynthos


On the first weekend of July, two sea turtles were found fatally hit by a propeller in the bay of Laganas, Zakynthos. The ARCHELON team that records the reproductive activity of loggerhead sea turtles in Zakynthos for the 38th year despite the pandemic, was notified and recorded the necessary data in collaboration with the National Marine Park of Zakynthos Management Body.

On the beach with the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, for a taste of freedom


A special guest in the moving moments of this double release was the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. George Amyras, who helped transport the turtles to the sea together with the experienced team of the Rescue Centre. Also present, were the President of ARCHELON Mr. Thomas Arapis, as well as staff members, volunteers and members of the Board of the organization.


Our Accounts for 2020

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the core activities of ARCHELON were successfully completed. Travel restrictions and the need to comply with the measures against the spread of COVID19, had as a consequence the cancellation of thousands of educational visits / tours to the Rescue Center in Glyfada and the cancellation of participation for about 80% of volunteers from abroad in all projects.

At the ARCHELON Rescue Centre, we took care of 52 sea turtles, most of them loggerheads and a few green turtles. Fortunately the Centre managed to operate throughout the year, receiving injured or sick sea turtles.

This was the year of the loggerhead nesting! We recorded 7.600 nests on 73.8 km of nesting beaches that were surveyed daily in Zakynthos, Kyparissia bay, Crete and southern Peloponnese. Monitoring and protection of loggerhead nesting started with small teams of researchers/volunteers, which were later enforced with more people.


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