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The Lakonikos project was successfully completed


The nests on the five loggerhead sea turtle nesting beaches in Lakonikos bay hatched and the ARCHELON Information Station in Mavrovouni has closed for the winter. How many nests did the volunteers record and what were the environmental challenges on these beaches? See more...

A successful year for Loggerhead nesting in Koroni- thanks to all our friends


A small team of ARCHELON carried out the conservation project at the sea turtle nesting beaches Zaga-Memi in Koroni and helped thousands of baby turtles to find their way to the sea. Read more…

The Conference in Morocco through the eyes of Anna Margaritouli


‘In the end, despite the inconvenience of the trip (13 hours on the way and 16 on the way back), I think it was worth it. As for the conclusions of the Conference... I feel that the work that has been done on sea turtles globally is so multi-faceted, well-documented and organized that it is disproportionate and unfair to the other animals!” See more…

Tom Scott, the first volunteer of the ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre comes back for a visit! 


Tom decided to volunteer at the one-year-old Rescue Centre for three months in 1995. Little did he know that he would stay for almost three years and help build the Rescue Centre to become the place that it is today. Now, after 27 years, Tom visited the place that changed him. What are his impressions? Read more… 


Our Accounts for 2021

Despite last year’s uncertainties, we completed all actions which had been planned, and a bit more, thanks to the help of many people and organizations.

The ARCHELON Rescue Centre in Glyfada continued to receive and treat sea turtles throughout the year. There were 58 new arrivals of injured or sick turtles, most of them loggerheads and a few green turtles, and 34 recovered turtles returned to sea.

Live online tours of the Rescue Centre became a reality for 178 school units from all over Greece. After the lockdown was withdrawn, we welcomed 75 school units from Attica in the Environmental Education Program of the Rescue Centre.

Volunteers at the loggerhead nesting beaches recorded and protected approximately 7,200 nests in a total of 137 km that were surveyed daily on Zakynthos, the Peloponnese and Crete.

2021 was the year that citizen participation in the recording of sporadic nests and sea turtles throughout coastal Greece increased significantly.

See more...

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