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The Peloponnese – Lakonikos Bay

Lakonikos Bay is located on the southeastern side of the Peloponnese and is a marine area where, besides Caretta, the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) is also often found. The beaches of Mavrovouni, Valtaki, Selinitsa, Vathi, in the western part of the bay, as well as the 15km beach of Evrotas, host an average of 200 nests every year. Some beaches receive a lot of visitors during the summer months and their physical condition has been degraded, so continuous protection actions are required.

The estuary of the river Evrotas is a place of rest, feeding and breeding for many bird species and the dune belt hosts the sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum). All nesting beaches in Lakonikos Bay have been included in the European Natura 2000 site network under the code GR2540003 "EKVOLES EVROTA, PERIOCHI VRONTAMA KAI THALASSIA PERIOCHI LAKONIKOU KOLPOU".

You can meet the ARCHELON volunteers and find out more about sea turtles at the Valtaki, Selinitsa, Mavrovouni and Vathy beaches (Lakonia).

Attention beach users!

We all share this beach with the Loggerhead sea turtles, which lay their eggs here every summer. Sea turtles are globally protected species.

How to enjoy the beach without disturbing the breeding sites of the sea turtles We are all welcome in the beach from sunrise to sunset. Please avoid the beaches during night hours.

Also, keep in mind that...

  • driving on the beach and sand dunes is forbidden.
  • all beach furniture and umbrellas must be put away at night to allow space for sea turtles to nest.
  • the use of artificial lights, bonfires and parties on the beach at night are not allowed.

How can you help?

  • The cages and the protective grids over the nests are important – please respect them.
  • The hatchlings must reach the sea on their own – please do not touch them.
  • The beaches must stay clean – please do not litter.
  • Ask for ARCHELON’s educational presentation in your hotel or camping site.

Lights off or covered! Ask everyone to turn off any lights that reach the beach after 11pm!** Artificial lights on the beach confuse the hatchlings, which will fail to get to the sea, and will die from dehydration or cars. When hatchlings leave the nest, they need to find their way to the sea following the reflection of the moon and the starts on the water. Artificial lights on the beach will disorientate baby turtles, and they will eventually die lost in bushes, or killed by cars.

Help us keep the beaches free of artificial lights! Ask everyone to turn off the lights that reach the beach after 11pm!

More than 500 volunteers from all over the world help us protect sea turtles in Greece every year. In 2022, volunteers in Lakonikos Bay protected approximately 428 sea turtle nests and informed approximately 3,000 visitors about sea turtle reproduction.

Book a Sea Turtle Walk! Get a close look at the nesting beach and learn about sea turtles during a 30 min walk with an ARCHELON volunteer.

ARCHELON- the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece was founded in 1983 and is a non-profit Association active all over Greece. All of ARCHELON activities in the Peloponnese, which include monitoring and protecting the reproduction of sea turtles, and raising public awareness, are performed in close collaboration with the local authorities.


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