Glyfada - Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

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Glyfada - Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

The Sea Turtle Rescue Center has been operating since 1994 in Glyfada, Attica, next to the sea. It was founded by ARCHELON with the support of the Municipality of Glyfada and the Ministry of the Environment and is one of the first Sea Turtle Rescue Centers in the Mediterranean and the only one in Greece. Part of its infrastructure is housed in old train wagons provided to ARCHELON by the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE).

Approximately 70 injured or sick sea turtles each year arrive at the Rescue Center, where they undergo treatment and rehabilitation and their return to the sea is organized. The operation and maintenance of the Rescue Center is based on qualified permanent staff, volunteers who are residents of Attica and volunteers from all over the world.

During 2022, 32 turtles were successfully treated and re-introduced to their natural environment, and 11,000 visitors to the Rescue Centre were guided and informed in the same year.

Glyfada - Sea Turtle Rescue Centre
Glyfada - Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

The story

A milestone for ARCHELON is the establishment of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Glyfada, Attica, in collaboration with the Municipality of Glyfada, with the aim of treating injured sea turtles from all over the country. In the following years, over 1,250 turtles are admitted to the Centre, and more than 700 of them are rehabilitated and safely reintroduced into the sea. School groups attend the environmental education program of the Centre regularly (1995). Working as a volunteer inspires thousands of students every year, and the number of visitors to the Centre slowly increases.


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