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Bahari Karuna is about "Ocean Compassion" dealing with sea turtle and shark conservation in the Western Region of Ghana, working with communities in order to benefit them and the oceans while securing the survival of species for future generations. Neil Davis, an Archelonosaurus (late Cretaceous) & WILDSEAS Projects Director sent us this short report!

Things are normally winding down at this time of year over here but my recent trip to Bahari Karuna turtle project was anything but quiet! More on that later but first things first, it is actually thanks to ARCHELON that WILDSEAS project, Bahari Karuna exists.


Back in 2010, at the end of another long turtle season, at ARCHELON’s Lakonikos Bay Project, I found myself a job in western Ghana, living on the beach for nine months as Turtle Conservation Coordinator for Hen Mpoano/USAID! John Flynn came out to visit, and the two of us founded the WILDSEAS, a plan we had hatched while in Greece earlier that year.

In the beginning (2011) we worked on a 10km nesting beach, but it soon became apparent that this was not even scratching the surface. The problems were much more than losing a few turtle eggs. After witnessing the rampant poaching not only on the beaches but also at sea, we reached out to local chiefs and recruited a team of dedicated locals. Although many turtles were caught incidentally in nets, fisherfolk were still landing many turtles and selling them for meat. In 2012 at Axim we secured a commitment from the fishermen to safely release turtles caught in their nets instead of selling them to be butchered.


In 2015 our Safe Release program expanded to include the fishing villages of Essiama and Ampenyi, greatly increasing the number of fishermen committed to saving turtles in the Western Region. Since 2012, more than 800 adult turtles have been saved thanks to this program, and more than 500 of these turtles have been tagged so WILDSEAS can collect data on their movements.

Last season was our biggest so far and this one looks like we are going to break all previous records… no wonder December and January was no holiday ;-)


Each place Eric Quayson (our coordinator based in Axim) and I visited, we were run off our feet. Juvenile green turtles captured in beach seines, even one unfortunate enough to have been held captive in a fish pond at Busua. Leatherbacks seem to be everywhere this season and unfortunately we weren’t able to save some of them, but still, the numbers released by us and other projects in Ghana are on the up. One day we went out for a spot of lunch at Dixcove and ended sharing a taxi back to Busua with eight olive ridleys! Eric had found them tied up to one of the fishing boats close to the shore, never a dull moment!


In December WILDSEAS and other NGO’s in West Africa met to form a new working group that will enable us to engage directly with each other, share ideas/best practices and support each other through any difficulties we may face. WASTCON (West Africa Sea Turtle Conservation Network is now in the latter stages of incubation and will soon be ready to hatch!

More info can be found on our Facebook pages here

Bahari Karuna: https://www.facebook.com/BahariKaruna/

WASTCON: https://www.facebook.com/Sea-Turtles-Network-Initiative-in-West-Africa-377214772841682/?ref=br_rs



    Sea turtles in the Greek wetlands of international importance

    World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on February 2. These vulnerable areas of the planet are a refuge for migratory birds and other wildlife species, including sea turtles. ARCHELON is present in wetlands that play an important role for sea turtles, such as the Amvrakikos Gulf.

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    Why are ARCHELON’s projects international?

    ARCHELON’s sea turtle conservation projects are organized with the valuable contribution of volunteers who come to Greece every year not just from Europe but from more distant places such as South Korea, Australia, and Colombia. Speaking English while carrying out fieldwork or public awareness activities as well as when interacting with each other in the campsites is essential to the projects.

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    ARCHELON has been running a special hospital for sea turtles with tanks and impressive old train wagons for 30 years in Glyfada

    Turtles with IV and bandages, rehabilitation and recovery tanks, special environmental enrichment equipment, recovery greenhouses, and… renovated train wagons! The hospital for injured and sick turtles that ARCHELON has set up in the 3rd marina of Glyfada, next to the sea, is certainly something out of the ordinary.

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    What happened in the world of ARCHELON in 2023?

    A world record for reproductive life for a sea turtle and 40 years of ARCHELON’s actions for protecting sea turtles are some of the moments we celebrated together this year. So, what happened in the world of ARCHELON in 2023? Here are some highlights of the past year.

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    Assuming responsibility for the environment brings more meaning into our lives

    “ARCHELON is an opportunity, not only for the animals and the ecosystems, but also for us who participate in it and for the society in which we operate”. Thomas Arapis, President and founding member of ARCHELON, talks about the efforts of the organization and about what he aspires for the future.

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    Forty years later: the world of ARCHELON has expanded

    Thomas Arapis, President and founding member of the Association gives the current coordinates of ARCHELON. "We encounter many turtles in our daily activities, and even more people, many more people actually, who help us. Amongst them are the people who work for us, they stand out for they represent the Association out there, through thick and thin".

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    19 Environmental NGOs ask the Greek Government not to consent to a change in the wolf protection status in Europe

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    Messages of love from the world turtle community!

    Celebrating ARCHELON's 40th Anniversary we have received warm messages from the turtle community worldwide

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    When the past becomes a lighthouse for the future

    Thomas Arapis, the President of ARCHELON and one of its founding members talks about the quality and values, and the people who marked the setting up and subsequent action of ARCHELON. “Dimitris Margaritoulis taught us, not only the methodology for monitoring and protecting them, but also what it means to organize tasks, take responsibility, work as a team, evaluate our course and cooperate with each other”, he says.

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  10. OUR NEWS

    Notes of a volunteer (Part 2): Ηead trauma happens more often and is more serious than you think

    Jessica Van Damme who volunteered at the ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre for 6 weeks in 2023, talks about what she learned while taking care of sea turtles with human caused injuries.

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  11. OUR NEWS

    Notes of a volunteer (Part 1): Jessica Van Damme was at the Rescue Centre

    “During my 6-week stay, there were more than 30 injured sea turtles being treated at the Rescue Centre. Seven of them were successfully released, but, during the same period there were five new arrivals – all turtles with human-caused injuries. We, humans, are their biggest threat!”, writes Jessica.

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  12. OUR NEWS

    Summer 2024: Come back to sea turtle conservation as a leader!

    Joining or returning to ARCHELON’s sea turtle projects as a Field Leader will give you the opportunity to lead specific activities as well as train and help others in the projects. These positions provide a higher level of experience in nature conservation/ environment protection, as well as improved communication and leadership skills. Hurry and apply now! Only a limited number of experienced and skilled volunteers are selected to serve as leaders in each project.

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  13. OUR NEWS

    The establishment of the “Amvrakikos Alliance”

    The Alliance's vision in collaboration with the local community is to highlight the unique ecological value and the natural and cultural heritage of Amvrakikos, for the most effective management, restoration, and protection of its ecosystems and biodiversity.

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  14. OUR NEWS

    Kids Beach Competition 2023: Turtles made of natural materials that stole our hearts!

    The little friends of ARCHELON who participated in the Kids Beach Competition 2023 formed turtles from pebbles, sand, water, rocks, sticks, leaves and shells, spreading the message of protecting sea turtles on the various beaches of Greece. Angeliki's (7 years old) little turtle on top of the big rock stole 694 hearts and became the winner!

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  15. OUR NEWS

    The Field Leaders of 2023 and their role

    Matthew from the UK, Noha from France, David from the Netherlands, Aris from Greece started one summer as volunteers knowing little about turtles and their protection. Their experience made them return to the conservation projects as Field Leaders to take on more responsibilities, as trainers and mentors for new volunteers.

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