Requirements for full-time volunteering

  • Applicants must be over 18 years old. They must be able to communicate fluently in English, (since English is the language used in all the projects) and must be covered by a personal health insurance policy.
  • The minimum participation period is 4 weeks/28days, but it is highly recommended that volunteers stay with the project for a longer term, i.e. more than 6 weeks. Long-term participation is highly appreciated and greatly contributes to the success of the projects.
  • Applicants must be in very good health and in good physical shape due to the projects' physically-demanding tasks and living conditions.
  • Volunteers are selected on an individual basis. Groups of more than two persons are not accepted for the same project and period of time.
  • Only those volunteers who have been formally accepted will be allowed to participate in the projects.
  • The application process includes the following steps:
    • filling in and submitting the official ARCHELON application form,
    • the receipt of an acceptance letter from ARCHELON. The acceptance letter includes a list of additional requirements relating to items such as payment of fees, a certificate from a doctor verifying the status of a volunteer’s health, etc.
    • Volunteers must submit all the items listed on the acceptance letter in order for their participation to be confirmed by ARCHELON. Please make sure your participation is confirmed (in other words, that you have completed all the requirements specified by ARCHELON in the acceptance letter before you arrive at the project. As mentioned above, no one is permitted to participate in ARCHELON projects without having followed the above-mentioned procedure.
  • Volunteers must bring their own camping gear (e.g. sleeping bag, tent, torch, alarm clock, etc).
  • Volunteers must be prepared to share in a communal life, and to live and work in both populated and secluded areas, often as members of small teams and usually under harsh conditions. Although relevant experience is not necessary, the ability to live and co-operate with people of different cultures and backgrounds is essential.
  • Volunteers are trained and supervised by field leaders and experienced project members. They must be prepared to participate in every aspect of the work. Duties are allocated by the field leaders and may include working throughout the night or long hours during the day.
  • Fieldwork includes working in the heat (sometimes for up to 6 hours), and walking long distances or up/downhill to reach some of the sites. With an average level of fitness, this is manageable, but please be prepared that the work can be hard and exhausting. With the right attitude and the right team, it is still fun!



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