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Rehabilitation assistants

Become a Rehabilitation Assistant at the ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre!

ARCHELON, a nonprofit sea turtle conservation organization active since 1983, runs several volunteer projects for the protection of sea turtles and their habitats in Greece every year. More than 500 international volunteers per year participate in our projects. Every year we internship agreements with 70 Universities and other educational establishments from all over the world.

The Rehabilitation Assistant role Rehabilitation assistants are volunteers who participate in all rescue and rehabilitation activities for injured/ sick sea turtles, they contribute greatly to the daily rehabilitation schedule at the Rescue Centre and supervise its implementation.

  • A very limited number (2-4) of experienced and skilled volunteers is going to be selected to become Rehabilitation Assistants at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Glyfada, Attica.
  • Applications will be accepted all year round.
  • Training sessions will take place upon arrival at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre.
  • Experienced and skilled volunteers from previous years are highly eligible.
  • Internships from Universities and other organizations are welcome.

LOCATION: Glyfada, Attica (near Athens, Greece)

PARTICIPATION PERIOD & INFORMATION: 6 months for newcomers and minimum 3 months for people who have previously volunteered at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre. The role of Rehabilitation Assistants does not include participation fees. Shared accommodation at the Centre is provided, as well as insurance against accidents (up to a certain ceiling). Contribution to food expenses will be made by ARCHELON (up to a certain amount).

The training and supervision of rehabilitation assistants is the responsibility of the Rescue Network and Rehabilitation Officer. Collaboration between the Rehabilitation assistants, in case there is more than one, and their collaboration with the staff is essential for the smooth operation the Rescue Centre.

See all the requirements, the description of tasks and the benefits in the link below.

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