Internships & Research opportunities

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Internships & Research opportunities

  1. Internships for students from Universities, Colleges and other educational establishments are welcome in all 9 ARCHELON's sea turtle conservation projects. Accepted interns will undertake tasks corresponding to full-time volunteers. Applicants should be fluent in English, be prepared to follow the code of conduct of the projects, and pay the required internship fees. The application procedure for internships is the same as for volunteers. Internship applicants will also need to submit the internship documents required by their University. An internship agreement will be signed between ARCHELON and the educational establishment and a certificate will be issued upon request after the internship is successfully completed for the agreed period of time. Internships are welcome by ARCHELON for a set of tasks relating to the role of field leaders and a different set of tasks relating to full time volunteers.

  2. Α limited number of internships is available for field leaders on the nesting beach projects, for students from Universities, Colleges, and other educational establishments. Accepted interns receive specialized and necessary training to perform their tasks in the role of field leaders. Candidates should follow the application procedure indicating that if selected, they plan to ask for an internship through their University/ Educational establishment and specify whether their internship fees will be covered by their University/ College. When accepted, they must send the required University documents to the Volunteers Officer. For more information on the field leader profiles and how to apply, see here

  3. A very limited number of internships is available for rehabilitation assistants at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre. Applicants must follow the procedure in the Rehabilitation Assistant page, see here for more information.

Become a volunteer

Opportunities for research

ARCHELON's projects offer possibilities for research to undergraduate and postgraduate students or postdoctoral researchers, which must be organized during their participation as volunteers. Only volunteers from previous years in the ARCHELON projects can submit a research proposal. The application deadline is March 15 each year.

More information on undergraduate or postgraduate research can be found here.

More information on postdoctoral research can be found here.

To submit a research proposal, either the Appendix for students or the Appendix for postdocs should be completed and sent by e-mail among with the proposal to For any questions please contact

We will respond regarding the progress of your application within 2 weeks.

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