What you can do

If you find an injured sea turtle

Call ARCHELON-Rescue Network at +30 6941511511

Move the turtle to a SAFE PLACE far away from people and noise. Turtles should always be picked up the shell, and never by the fins or the head.

If the turtle is large and requires two people to move it, one should take hold of the shell just behind the turtle's neck and the other at the part of the shell close to the tail.

Handle the turtle carefully and gently, being careful that their fins do not fold, bend or twist backwards or underneath the body.

Make sure that the turtle is in a safe and restricted area, away from wind and drafts. During the summer months, the injured area should be covered with a damp cloth.The temperature in the area where the turtle is kept should not fall below 15°C. It isn't necessary for the turtle to be kept in water. However, when the turtle has a head injury or is exhausted, it SHOULD NOT BE KEPT IN WATER AT ALL because it may choke or drown.

If the turtle is tangled up in a net or lines, they should be carefully removed. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD AN ATTEMPT BE MADE TO PULL OUT A HOOK OR LINE PROTRUDING FROM THE MOUTH OR TAIL.

Check all the flipper for possible identification tags and note the number if you find one

ARCHELON will send you a [Turtle Incident Report] form which should be carefully filled out and returned to us by email: rescue@archelon.gr. This information will not only help this particular turtle, but all the other turtles as well.

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