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Even a single sporadic nesting recording can be of great importance for the survival of sea turtles!

Sporadic sea turtle nesting is an interesting phenomenon with important effects. In addition to the beaches where there is annual nesting, ARCHELON also records sporadic nests of sea turtles in various regions of Greece, with the participation of the public. This phenomenon, although seemingly unusual, is an important part of the biology and ecology of turtles. Various factors can lead to sporadic nesting, such as weather conditions, sea level rise, climate change, food availability, habitat loss, or destruction of nesting habitats. The recording and study of this phenomenon contributes to the understanding of the adaptability of turtles and the possible identification of new nesting habitats. Sporadic nesting may also contribute to the maintenance of genetic diversity in turtle populations. Even a single sporadic nest can be of great importance to the survival of sea turtles.

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ARCHELON would like to inform you that your personal data (First name, Last name, Phone number, e-mail) are collected solely for the purpose of communicating with you should any clarifications be needed on the turtle, nesting or hatching event you are reporting. ARCHELON will not share your personal information on any other personal or legal parties, and it will be deleted at the end of the calendar year when the nesting/hatching event was submitted (or earlier following a specific request to do so). In the unlikely event that the database is breached, you will be notified at once. For any questions or clarifications on this issue, please contact ARCHELON at +30 210 5231342, e-mail: info@archelon.gr.