Our account of 2017

The people

  • The core team that contributed to ARCHELON’s work in 2017 comprised 30 people. Of these, 15 people offered pro bono services as members elected on the Board of Directors or participated in the Scientific and other Committees, and further 15 were staff members. A network of 44 part time volunteers, residents of Athens, supported the Rescue Centre regularly throughout the year.
  • ARCHELON’s projects attracted and trained 589 volunteers for the Field Research Stations and the Rescue Centre, including 25 field leaders. Volunteers came mostly from Europe and 14% from Greece.
  • More Ambassadors were added to ARCHELON’s network: 24 new Ambassadors were selected from the 2017 projects to support volunteer recruitment in 2018.
  • There was an increase in the number of internships; 89 students from Universities abroad and 4 students from Greek Universities.
  • There was a significant number of families with children and short term volunteers; in total 414 people from both categories participated in our field projects 2017.

The sea turtles

  • About 134 km of coastline were surveyed by ARCHELON in 2017 and approximately 3,000 nests were found; Protection measures were applied to 2,500.
  • During night surveys ARCHELON’s teams identified about 500 adult female turtles, who were either carrying a tag from previous years or were tagged for the first time.
  • Good news even though only one in 1,000 hatchlings make it to adulthood: about 195,000 hatchlings reached the sea from the beaches monitored by ARCHELON this summer. Of these, almost 130,000 were “saved” thanks to protection measures applied to nests.
  • Monitoring threats to loggerheads and their habitats at sea and on nesting beaches continued on all of ARCHELON’s projects. This information was submitted to authorities and was used for public awareness.
  • The Amvrakikos project, which collects data on the composition and origin of the sea turtles, was successful in tagging 270 loggerhead turtles.
  • More than 600 reports of dead sea turtle strandings were reported in 2017 through the Rescue Network, which is coordinated by ARCHELON’s Rescue Centre in Glyfada, near Athens.
  • Ninety-four sea turtles were treated at the Rescue Centre in 2017. Twenty two (22) were resident from last year. There were 72 new arrivals in 2017: 44 were successfully treated and released, 30 died and the remaining 20 are still under treatment.


  • ARCHELON’s volunteers operated in total 10 Information Stations on Zakynthos, on Crete and at the Peloponnese. An estimated 73,000 people received information from them.
  • The number of visitors at the Rescue Center was around 6,000.
  • The environmental awareness program for schools at the Rescue Center was attended by 328 classes with 12,544 attendees including pupils and teachers, during the academic year2016-2017.
  • About 550 children participated in awareness events on Crete and 717 pupils attended presentations in the area of Kyparissia in the Peloponnese.
  • We followed implementation of law enforcement and informed local authorities in southern Kyparissia Bay, Peloponnese and Laganas Bay, Zakynthos in 2017.
  • We continued our collaboration with the Region of Crete, the Environmental authorities and businesses located at the seafront in order to improve nesting conditions on Crete.
  • ARCHELON received an honorary award from the Municipality of Rethymnon, during the celebration of the World Tourism Day 2017.
  • Our campaign for implementation of protection measures in the beaches of Koroni and Lakonikos continued throughout 2017.


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