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Yes, sea turtles nest on Rethymno beach every summer!

The nesting beach is located east of the town of Rethymno, on the northern coast of Crete. It is about 12 km long with shallow waters and a few pockets of natural low sand dunes. On the rest of the beach there are well-developed services for tourists including buildings, roads, beach furniture and marine sports.

ARCHELON's project in Rethymno began in 1990 and has been carried out every summer since then. Volunteers from all over the world join the project every year and help apply conservation measures to the 200 sea turtles nests recorded annually (average number of nests for the period 2000-2014).

Unfortunately, tourist activities result in several types of pressure on sea turtle nests. We are working together with local authorities and businesses to promote practical solutions for the conservation of the coastal zone and the sea turtles within a more sustainable development scheme for tourism.

Thanks to the ARCHELON volunteers, these ancient animals continue to lay their eggs on Rethymno beach.

You can get more information

  • at the ARCHELON Information kiosk in Rethymno town, close to the lighthouse at the old Venetian harbor
  • at morning or evening presentations held by ARCHELON in specific hotel units, (you may check with your hotel)

Special events: Watch out for events organized by ARCHELON in Rethymno οn our Facebook page.


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