Rescue and rehabilitation


Sea turtles tend to get entangled in fishing gear and such incidents may often result to injuries or drowning. They may also fall victims to collisions with speed boats, especially near nesting beaches. Several cases of deliberately killed animals washed ashore are also reported from different sites.

The nationwide Rescue Network of ARCHELON is activated in cases of reports of injured or sick turtles or strandings of dead animals. The network is set up and supported through the organization of information events in cooperation with Port police authorities, fishermen, volunteers and environmentally active organizations.

Injured or sick animals are transferred to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Glyfada, near Athens. About 50 sea turtles are treated annually and when fully recovered, are released back to the sea.

First aid Stations for sea turtles are set up in the areas of Rethymnon, Crete and Amvrakikos Gulf. There is also a new first aid station on the island of Naxos (Cyclades Prefecture), in collaboration with the local association "Naxos Ιsland Wildlife Protection".



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