Since its establishment in 1983, ARCHELON- the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece aims at the protection of sea turtles and their habitats. A number of activities with regard to sea turtle conservation have been tested and developed through the years. At the same time, our activities are bringing us close to small and big environmental and societal issues.

We support conservation in action and the data we are collecting aim to contribute to the solution of problems that constitute threats to sea turtles. For example:

  • protection on nesting beaches is linked directly to problems of coastal management in relation to tourism
  • housing and tourist developments on the coast, marine recreation, beach furniture and infrastructure, waste management etc. are important for local societies, visitors AND sea turtles.
  • Sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation efforts have shown the big problem with plastic in the sea and the issue of sea turtles entanglements in fishing gear.
  • Volunteering for conservation is a very important component of our activities, as it brings people in the forefront; many people from all over the world have the opportunity to get involved
  • Through our information, public awareness and environmental education activities, we create opportunities for everyone, and especially young people, to understand that beaches and the sea are here for all of us including nature.

Furthermore, data collected by ARCHELON are communicated at many levels and contribute to the assessment of the state of sea turtles at the local, European and Mediterranean levels.

All species of sea turtles, in all their life stages and their habitats are protected by national, EU and international legislation. The nesting beaches hosting the largest loggerhead breeding population in the Mediterranean are included in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, established in 1999, following a campaign by ARCHELON and other environmental organizations.

ARCHELON also participates in the Board of the Management Agency of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, a joint representation from WWW Greece and MoM/ Hellenic Society for the Study & Protection of the Monk Seal, by decision of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.



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