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Small and large donations help ARCHELON maintain the necessary staff, infrastructure and equipment at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre and at the nesting beaches.

  1. At the nesting beaches

    More than 5,000 Loggerhead nests are recorded in 100 km. of nesting beaches in Greece every summer. Of the thousands of the turtle hatchlings, less than 1/1,000 will reach adulthood and return to lay their eggs on the same beaches 20 years later. What will our beaches be like then? Help volunteers get to the beaches, monitor and protect the nests and make sure that the hatchlings reach the sea safely.

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  2. The Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

    Injured sea turtles arrive at the Rescue Centre year-round. Help us remove plastic, nets and hooks from their stomachs, treat them and release them safely back into the sea. The Centre accepts over 30 sick or injured turtles every year and over 100 volunteers, from all over the world, help with their treatment and rehabilitation. Support them.

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Adopt a sea turtle

Your symbolic adoption translates into real action with ARCHELON. We have been on the nesting beaches recording real nests, tagging turtles, helping tiny hatchlings reach the sea, since 1983. Choose the beach you prefer and adopt a nest, a mother turtle or a hatchling.

Or, choose to adopt one of the injured and sick turtles at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre, covering the costs of their feeding and treatment for a month.

With each adoption you will receive an e-package that includes your adoption certificate in printable form. You will also frequently receive our newsletter through your email to stay updated on our activity.

For more information about adoptions, contact us at tel. (+30) 210 5231342 or at info@archelon.gr using the word “ADOPTION” as the subject line.

Support us
  1. Corporate donations

    1. If your company is interested in becoming ARCHELON’s supporter, contact us at (+30) 210 5231342 or at info@archelon.gr. Learn more about our latest corporate donations here.

  2. Ε-Shop Purchase

    1. In our e-shop you can find unique gifts for kids and adults, made by environmentally friendly materials, and designed specifically for ARCHELON.

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  3. Volunteering

    1. Since 1983, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, inspired by love and respect for the environment, participate in ARCHELON’s research and conservation projects in Zakynthos, Peloponnese, Crete and the Rescue Centre in Glyfada, Attica.

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