Crete - Chania

Κρήτη - Χανιά


The nesting beach of Chania is located in Northern Crete, west of the city of Chania. It has a total length of approximately 13 km and is particularly popular during the summer months. The beach hosts an average of about 100 loggerhead nests each year.

Chania and the western part of Crete in general, is an important tourist destination with great natural beauty of the landscapes and beautiful beaches. In the old town of Chania one can enjoy the famous Venetian harbor. Unfortunately, tourism activities brings environmental pressure and threaten the nesting activity on the nesting beaches, which makes protection of the sea turtle in this area even more imperative.

There is a management plan for sea turtle nesting in this area, proposed by ARCHELON to the competent authorities and businesses. It includes practical solutions for the conservation of the coastal zone and the sea turtles within a sustainable development scheme for tourism.

The ARCHELON project in Chania includes the following activities:

  • Recording of reproductive activity with morning observation
  • Protection of nests
  • Collection of data on threats and compliance with protection measures
  • Seasonal Information Station in the Old Harbor of Chania
  • Information in tourist units and awareness-raising actions on beaches

ARCHELON volunteers live in an organized campsite in Daratsos, west of the city. It is easy to reach the Knossos Minoan Palace, the Samaria Gorge, the unique Elafonisos Beach, even the Santorini Volcano, by daily trips organized from Chania.

The nesting beaches of the Gulf of Chania, along with other neighboring areas of high natural value, have been included in the European Union Natura 2000 network under the code GR4340003 "CHERSONISOS RODOPOU – PARALIA MALEME -KOLPOS CHANION".

More than 8,000 visitors were informed by ARCHELON during the summer of 2017 in Chania.





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