Sea turtles in the Rescue Centre

The Sea Turtle Rescue Centre has been operating since 1994 in Glyfada, Attica, by the waterfront. It was founded by ARCHELON with the support of the Municipality of Glyfada and the Ministry of Environment and is one of the first Sea Turtle Rescue Centers in the Mediterranean. Its purpose is to treat injured and sick sea turtles and eventually release them back into the sea. More

ParisHead injury12/09/2011
DionysosFlipper injury & hook ingestion03/10/2011
PiouFlipper injury20/07/2012
Giorgos IIIHead & Carapace injury29/10/2012
Christos IIIHead injury29/07/2015
SotirisSevere carapace injury08/09/2017
Sophia VIICarapace injury14/10/2017
PolykastiHead injury16/06/2018
WallaceHead & flipper injuries30/06/2018
MonaFishing line ingestion09/07/2018
TheklaHead injury12/07/2018
AlkminiHead injury30/07/2018Will Sullivan
Amalia IIFlipper & carapace injuries05/08/2018
Chrysanthi IISevere infection09/08/2018
Alkyoni IIHead injury13/08/2018
LoryHead injury20/08/2018Rania Arapis
AlkimosHead injury20/08/2018
EireHead injury28/08/2018
Zoe IIIUnknown06/09/2018
HermesHead injury29/09/2018
CannonHead injury24/10/2018
Aphrodite ΙΙΙHead injury15/11/2018
Katerina IVHead injury23/11/2018
KostisHead injury05/12/2018
ChrisHead injury28/12/2018


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