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(In chronological order)

The vast scientific work of ARCHELON can be seen in the large number of papers published mostly in scientific journals. We provide below a provisional list of all these papers; probably there are more which we couldn't locate. ARCHELON researchers and personnel as well as students working for ARCHELON have drafted these papers or co-authored them. Many of the papers below are accompanied by their full text in pdf format. You may download the papers you wish. In case you need a paper that does not appear as a pdf file, we may post a hard copy to you provided you send us your postal address at Thank you!

  1. 2023


    Margaritoulis D., Dean C.J., Lourenço G., Rees A.F., Riggall T.E.

    Herpetological Review 54(1)

  2. 2023

    Update of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Population Nesting in Koroni, Greece, Mediterranean

    Margaritoulis D., Lourenço G., Rees A.F.

    Zoological Studies 62:50

  3. 2023

    Update of Green Turtle Nesting in Greece: A Second Nest Recorded on Crete Island

    Margaritoulis D., Johnson S.K., Panagopoulou A., Paxinos O.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 3: 2-4

  4. 2023

    Underreported In-water Behaviours of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle: Foraging on Sea Cucumbers

    Papafitsoros K.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 3: 20-27

  5. 2023

    A social media-based framework for quantifying temporal changes to wildlife viewing intensity

    Papafitsoros K., Adam L., Schofield G.

    Ecological Modelling 476

  6. 2023

    The Loggerhead River Turtle (Caretta caretta)

    Rees A.F., Theodorou P., Margaritoulis D.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 3:13-15

  7. 2023

    Oviduct Detachment During Egg-laying in a Loggerhead Turtle

    Samlidou G., Schirrmacher K.M., Margaritoulis D.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 3: 16-19

  8. 2023


    Dretakis O., Margaritoulis D., Samlidou G., Davis N., Rees A.F., Panagopoulou A.

    Herpetological Review 54(2)

  9. 2022

    Additional records of leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) from Syria

    Jony M., Rees A.F.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 2:11-13.

  10. 2022

    Scutation and scalation patterns of loggerhead hatchlings in Greece

    Margaritoulis D.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 1: 46-50.

  11. 2022

    An historical account: Assessing loggerhead nesting in Greece through aerial surveys; probably the first in the Mediterranean

    Margaritoulis D.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 2: 6-10.

  12. 2022

    Underreported in-water behaviours of the loggerhead sea turtle: Getting buried in the sand

    Papafitsoros K.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 2:18-22.

  13. 2022

    Successful rescue, rehabilitation, release and remote tracking: A case study of Zoe, a loggerhead turtle found near Naxos Island, Greece

    Rees A.F., Kasimati E., Orfanos Y.

    MedTurtle Bulletin 2: 14-17.

  14. 2022

    Environmental changes in the Mediterranean Sea could facilitate the western expansion of loggerhead turtles

    Santidrian Tomillo P., Tomas J., Marco A., Panagopoulou A., Tavecchia G.

    Marine Ecology Progress Series

  15. 2022

    Thirty-eight Years of Loggerhead Turtle Nesting in Laganas Bay, Zakynthos, Greece: A Review

    Margaritoulis D., Lourenco G., Rigagall T., Rees A.F.

    Chelonian Conservation and Biology, 21(2):143-157

  16. 2022

    Behavioural plasticity in the use of a neritic foraging area by loggerhead sea turtles: insights from 37 years of capture–mark–recapture in the Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea)

    Baldi G., Furii G., Del Vecchio M., Salvemini P., Vallini C., Angelini V., Pari S., Lombardi Moraes K., Profico C, Olivieri V., Margaritoulis D., Rees A.F., Çurri A., Hochscheid S., Freggi D., Lazar B., Luschi P. , Casale P.

    ICES Journal of Marine Science

  17. 2021

    Identifying critical marine habitats of the largest nesting population of loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean: insights from stable isotope markers and satellite telemetry

    Haywood J., Margaritoulis D., Theodorou P., Rees A.F.

    Testudo 9(3):80-88.

  18. 2021

    Malformations in Green Turtle Embryos and Hatchlings in Syria

    Rees A.F., Jony M., Saad A., Phillott A.D.

    Marine Turtle Newsletter 164:12-15.

  19. 2021

    Increase of loggerhead sea turtle nesting in the wider area of Romanos (western Peloponnese)

    Teneketzis K., Margaritoulis D.

    Abstract from the Proceedings of HELECOS10 Conference, 2021

  20. 2020

    Clutch Frequency for Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta) Nesting in Kyparissia Bay, Greece

    Rees A.F., Theodorou P., Margaritoulis D.

    Herpetological Conservation and Biology 15(1):131–138.

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