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Symbolic as well as unique, the adoption of a sea turtle through ARCHELON, allows you to bond with a mother turtle, a hatchling or a nest through real data from our projects.

If you adopt a hatchling, you can give it a name and we will inform you on how its life evolves.

If you adopt an injured sea turtle you will be covering its recovery expenses until it is released back into the sea, and we will inform you on how its life evolves through our website.

If you adopt a mother sea turtle, or a nest you will be directly contributing to their protection, and we will inform you on the outcome of its activity.

With every adoption you will receive a special package: In the package you will find: a plush turtle toy, a poster, a sticker, an info leaflet and your certificate of adoption with the name you gave to your turtle. You will also be receiving the quarterly newsletter ARCHELON ischyros.

For more information about the Adopt a Sea turtle initiative, please contact us by e-mail ( or call us on the phone (+30) 210 5231 342.

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During the last 35 years, the response and financial support from several institutions, organizations and businesses has been valuable for pursuing our goals.

The equipment used in all conservation actions undertaken by ARCHELON, including the nesting beach projects and the Rescue Center, needs to be regularly renewed because it is torn by salt water and intensive use.

Donations in cash or equipment will allow us to carry on with our planned activities and to undertake new projects for ensuring the protection of sea turtles and their habitats as well as of our natural heritage.

If you wish to become a Sponsor of ARCHELON, please send us an email or call us on the phone [(+30)  210 5231 342].

Finally, we acknowledge the contribution of everyone who supports our projects and we have defined a system of mutual benefits to be used in projects of Corporate Social Responsibility in the field of Environment. It is also possible to organized events and activities together for our Supporters with your collaboration.



Hundreds of volunteers from all over the world are motivated by their love of sea turtles and their respect to the environment and participate every year in ARCHELON’s projects on nesting beaches and the Rescue Center.



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