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Τhe last nest on Laganas beach

Τhe last nest on Laganas beach ''On the second of September the amazing project assistant Rike Stramm and I had the privilege of finding the last nest on Laganas beach (second to last nest of the season in the bay of Laganas).

This was a very special discovery, as this nest had been missed in the morning and found in the evening. Most of the volunteers at this point in the season only knew how to identify the baby hatchling tracks as they were not here to learn how to identify the adult tracks. The team on the morning survey took pictures of the track, and showed them to me, and I had no doubt that there would be a nest under that camouflage.

After being away from the beaches for a week due to a foot injury, I had no doubt that I wanted to be the one to find that nest. It was a great opportunity to inform tourist on the beach and increase public awareness about the importance of the protection of sea turtles and their nests.

So in the end the nest was found, left to incubate naturally and protected with one of our cages, and it is expected to hatch around late October, beginning of November.

Gonçalo Lourenço
Zakynthos Monitoring Leader''


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