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...I can do it all again in 2016!

...I can do it all again in 2016!I started my ARCHELON experience on the 15th of May 2015 and getting the opportunity to learn so much about monitoring and public awareness, working hands on with the beautiful loggerhead and meeting honestly , the most interesting, caring and just genuine people from all over the world, I can truly say it was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life.

One incredible moment I had that will forever stick with me was an excavation I did on my second last week;

I had the greatest luck of seeing a morning turtle on my second week at the start of the season and at the end of my time got to request the excavation of that nest G001/HG001 with the same person I was on the morning survey with, Rike Stramm the Zak project assistant, who in general is just the greatest person I have ever met.

During that excavation I wasn't expecting too much, I was just happy to get to see things go full circle, when half way through we had a live hatchling ! My first live hatchling! We got to help that hatchling make its way to sea and that sense of excitement still hasn't left me.

...I can do it all again in 2016!I cannot believe that I got lucky enough that the first turtle and the first hatchling I saw were the same family and I got to watch them both swim out to sea.

This really makes me believe that ARCHELON is special and the work that is carried out by all the projects is so important.

I am so thankful to everyone I met this summer and I have such appreciation for everything I got to see and do and I only hope I can do it all again in 2016!

Emma Kilbane, volunteer



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