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Α love story in the Mediterranean Sea

What does a hatchling feel before it leaves the nest? What advice will the squid give him on humans? How does a sea turtle experience love at first sight? What can be a clever plan to get back together with his loved one?...

The answers are in the pages of the bookΑ love story in the Mediterranean Sea”.

This is ARCHELON’s new publication, a fairy tale not just for children. It is a story written and illustrated by people who volunteer their time and energy to the sea turtle conservation projects in Greece.

Author: Johannes Kupke
Inset texts / Collection of material: Anna Kremezi-Margaritouli
Illustration: Julia Grootaers, Taylor Swanburg, Natalie Tzobanakis, Isabel Hunter, “Art House”, Marianna Bogner
Publication editor / Βook design: Lenio Margaritoulis DEFROST DESIGN
Other contributors: Alex Straker, Joy Kokkalis, Olga Dretakis, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Chara Zacharakou

This story was published to mark the 35th anniversary of the foundation of ARCHELON. All contributors donated their work for the publication. Their work will benefit a cause they have close to their heart. It must be added that creativity in all art forms is invaluable for conservation in that it helps spread awareness and hope in society.

This book is released in English and Greek.
Publication was supported by TUI Care Foundation.

ISBN: 978-960-87926-5-4 (English)
ISBN: 978-960-87926-4-7 (Greek)

Available at ARCHELON's e-shop.



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