Found: N. Evia

Injury: Flipper injury & hook ingestion

History: “Dionysos” is a small, blind turtle, who is just managing to find and eat food at the bottom of his tank. When he is well enough, he will probably be given a home in an aquarium, where he will be able to live in peace and safety.
March 2017: Some great news! “Dionysos” a blind turtle who has been at the RC since 2011 when he was tiny (32 cm and 3.5 kilos), gradually learned to find food in the bottom of his tank in the intensive care greenhouse, but had not been put into a big outdoor tank because of the fear he would not be able to forage properly. The last time he was measured in 2015, he was 46 cm and weighed 12 kilos. Due to the unusually large number of turtles arriving with hypothermia, “Dionysios” was temporarily moved into a big outdoor tank and is doing very well there. So, perhaps he can be released into the sea instead of being relocated in an aquarium, as was originally planned – time will tell!