Found: Elliniko

Injury: Carapace injury

History: On 14 October 2017, ‘Sofaki’, was found floating in shallow water at nearby Agios Cosmas beach. The loggerhead, whose carapace measures 36.5 cm and who weighs 33.5 kilos, had carapace injuries to the left side of her body, which unfortunately have affected her left back flipper. This same turtle had originally arrived at the RC on 15 February 2017 with severe injuries to her left front flipper, likely caused by entanglement with fishing line. Because of the advanced state of infection/decay, the flipper had to be amputated. At the same time, an ingested hook was also removed. The turtle regained her health and was released on 29 July 2017 by boat into the Saronic Bay near Sounion. Her present injuries seem to have been caused by a collision with a boat. Most of them are healing, with the exception of her back left flipper. It seems the muscles in that area were injured by the boat’s propeller. ARCHELON is consulting with veterinarians from abroad to determine if it is possible to remedy this surgically.