Found: Corfu

Injury: Head & Carapace injury

History: ‘Giorgos’, a 40.5-kilo Caretta caretta, arrived from Corfu on 29 October. ‘Giorgos’, who had a head injury and multiple wounds on his carapace, was rescued and cared for by several persons prior to his transfer to the RC, which was arranged by the port police. The turtle was named after the place where he was found, Agios Giorgos. All his injuries seem to have been deliberately inflicted by someone and not caused by a collision with a boat or rocks. Since his arrival, ‘Giorgos’ has been receiving a course of treatment which includes antibiotics and drips. Last week, he started eating fish fed to him by hand, which is always a good sign. Many thanks to everyone involved in rescuing ‘Giorgos’ and for coming to the RC to see how he is progressing.
‘Giorgos’, who continues to improve, will continue his rehab in the big tank as soon as Luna is released.