Measures against COVID-19

The operations of the Rescue Center and the projects on the nesting beaches were under constant evaluation with regard to COVID-19 during 2020. Plans and protocols were implemented to continuously monitor, minimize and address the likelihood of outbreaks between staff and volunteers, based on guidance and measures taken by competent authorities. In this way we managed to keep COVID-19 away from our projects.

We aspire to achieve the same in 2021. Experience, diligence and flexibility will be applied in carrying out the projects accordance with public health regulations in force at any given time in Greece and internationally.

What is for ARCHELON to do?

  • We keep low the maximum allowed number of volunteers in each project, so as to avoid congestion in the living areas and cars
  • We provide spaces for self-isolation of a small number of people in each project
  • We reduce the renewal rate of participants, by setting a minimum stay of 5 weeks (for a small number of Greek speakers at 3 weeks) and by giving priority to applications from those requesting participation for a period longer than 5 weeks
  • We arrange the arrival and departure dates of each volunteer so that a place is available in the self-isolation area upon their arrival and the maximum allowed number of participants in the program is not exceeded

What is up to the volunteers to do? The following measures are applied, regardless of their country of origin and whether or not they have been vaccinated:

  • Everyone arriving at the ARCHELON camps or the Rescue Center, either from abroad or from Greece, must present a negative result in a molecular detection test of COVID-19, done within 72 hours before their arrival. The test results must be forwarded by e-mail to the Volunteer Officer, before the volunteer arrives. No one will be able to participate in the projects if the above are not observed.
  • Once the volunteers arrive at the camp or Rescue Center, they should remain in self-isolation for 7 days, using the designated areas carefully. Other team members will take care of their supplies, food, etc.
  • In the camps of ARCHELON and in the Rescue Center it is obligatory to apply social distancing and disinfection of spaces and hands and the use of a face mask as required by the public health measures in effect.
  • If, unluckily, the pre-arrival COVID-19 test comes out positive, the volunteer should contact the Volunteer Officer so that their participation can be rescheduled or canceled.

The above measures are based on the experience of 2020. It is not to be excluded, of course, that we may need to adapt again and again to situations such as the imposition of local quarantine in different parts of the world, or in the areas of our programs, to any constant changes in travel restrictions, or cancellation of many flights.

Observing the above and dealing with any new situations created due to the pandemic will not be easy. It will take patience and understanding from all of us, but in the end, it is the cause that matters and sea turtle conservation makes it worthwhile.



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