Internships & Research opportunities


Internships are welcomed by ARCHELON for a set of tasks relating to the role of field leaders and a different set of tasks relating to full time volunteers.

A limited number of internships is available for the role of field leaders on nesting beaches & rehabilitation assistants at the Rescue Centre

Candidates should follow the application procedure in the Field Leaders page, indicating that if selected, they plan to ask for an internship through their University/ Educational Institution. When accepted, they must send the required University documents to the relevant Project Officer.

Interns in the role of field leaders receive specialized and necessary training to perform their tasks. There is no participation fee. For more information on the field leader profiles and how to apply, see here.

If you are interested in an internship for the tasks of a Rehabilitation Assistant at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre, you must follow the procedure in the Rehabilitation Assistant page, see here for more information.

Internships for full time volunteers

We welcome internship applications for full time volunteers in all the projects. As an intern you will receive the same training and have the same tasks as the rest of the full time volunteers. You are advised to carefully check the information of our projects about duties, accommodation, dates and fees, free time as well as the participation guidelines in order to select the project you are interested in before applying.

There is a separate online application form for internships as full time volunteers, which you can see below. Within 30 days from the date you have submitted your on-line application for internships you must inform the Volunteers Officer ( of the requirements of the University.

Once your participation is confirmed, and upon your arrival to the project as an intern, you will need to present to your Field Leader all the documents that need to be submitted by ARCHELON to your University/ Educational Institution upon the completion of your internship. This is very important so that the required documents will be ready on time.

The volunteer participation fees for internships are shown in the Overview Table of Participation fees. Information about the cancellation policy and policy for the change of participation dates can be seen here.

Unfortunately, ARCHELON cannot support any training activities outside of the described volunteer duties and will not provide a dedicated tutor or mentor especially for interns. You must also note that ARCHELON project data can NOT be collected or used for personal projects or any report you may have to write.



Research opportunities

There are some research opportunities for students or post-doctoral researchers in the projects of ARCHELON, which can be organized during their voluntary work. As a rule, only former volunteers of ARCHELON can submit a research proposal and the deadline for submitting a research proposal is the 15th of March every year. 

For more information for students click here. For more information for post-doctoral researchers click here.

If you decide to submit a research proposal, please fill in either the Appendix for Students or the Appendix for Post-docs and email it, together with your proposal, to If you have any queries please contact the Volunteer Section at

We will reply to you about the progress of your application for research within 2 weeks.



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