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Field Leaders

Submissions of applications and short CVs for 2023 are still accepted until all positions are filled up. The selection is still on going.

A limited number of experienced and capable volunteers are selected each year for the positions of Field Leaders on the ARCHELON projects.

Field Leaders are volunteers responsible for leading the teams and ensuring the proper on-site implementation of sea turtle monitoring actions (Monitoring Field Leaders), public awareness actions (Public Awareness Field Leaders) and the good state of ARCHELON’s Research Stations (Camp and Volunteer Field Leaders).

Collaboration between the Field Leaders is essential for the smooth operation of each project. Together they formulate the weekly schedule (rota), boost the motivation of volunteers and manage occurring problems, in cooperation with the Project Officer for the specific project.

Field Leaders are selected through an application process which is kicked off in early December and holds until all positions are filled up. Field Leaders are not entitled to a salary but they receive benefits such as non-fee training, free accommodation (camping space /utilities) and coverage of basic subsistence expenses such as food within the base camp scheme, as well as insurance against accidents (up to a limit). Candidates with previous experience as Field Leaders in ARCHELON’s or other relevant projects may be eligible for additional benefits. The number of Field Leaders and the distribution of tasks amongst them in each project are decided taking into account the needs of the specific project and the experience of the selected applicants.

To be eligible for a Field Leader post, you need to be over 20 years old, with a car driving license, fluent in English and ready to spend from 3 – 6 months on the site, depending on the project. A description of tasks and requirements for each of the Field Leader categories is included in the links below.

Submissions of applications and short CVs for 2023 are still accepted until all positions are filled up. The selection is still on going.

See below the description of each category of Field Leaders and the application form:

Become a volunteer

Rehabilitation assistant

A very limited number (2-4) of experienced and skilled volunteers is selected every year to become Rehabilitation Assistants at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Glyfada, Attica. Applications will be accepted all year round and they may refer to the current calendar year and/or the first half of next year.

Rehabilitation assistants are volunteers who participate in all rescue and rehabilitation activities for injured/ sick sea turtles, they formulate the weekly and daily schedule of the volunteers at the Rescue Centre and supervise its implementation.

The training and supervision of rehabilitation assistants is the responsibility of the Rescue Network and Rehabilitation Officer. Collaboration between the Rehabilitation assistants, in case there is more than one, and their collaboration with the staff is essential for the smooth operation the Rescue Centre.

To be eligible, you need to be over 20 years old, holder of an EU or international car driving license (and at minimum 12 months of holding a driver’s license), fluent in English and ready to spend 6 months at the Rescue Centre. See all the requirements, the description of tasks and the benefits in the link below.

In order to allow for better planning of participation, one must observe the application deadlines below:

Applications for the first half of each year need to be submitted by 15th August at the latest. Exceptionally, for the first half of year, the application deadline is the 30th of October.

Applications for the second half of each year need to be submitted by 15th February at the latest.

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Part-time volunteers (local residents)

Please note that, in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19, the applications available at this time concern only the Visitor information and Public awareness program at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre.

People resident in the project areas have the opportunity to participate as part-time volunteers for a longer period of time. Their participation is organized according to the needs of each project.

Part-time Rescue Centre volunteer

The Visitor information and public awareness program, every day between 13:00-15:00 and/or every Saturday and Sunday between 11:00-17:00. Part-time volunteers will receive training from the Awareness Officer and will be responsible for guided tours of visitors during the hours that the Rescue Center is open to the public. The minimal requirement for this program is 4 weeks with at least 2 days participation/week.

An annual a participation fee is required for part-time volunteers, which covers administrative costs and it is shown in the Overview Table of Participation Fees.

Preparatory meetings are organized each month at the Rescue Centre, after being informed by email, to provide more information on volunteer duties. You can find out more by filling in the online application form below.

To apply, send an e-mail with the subject Part time volunteering and the Project you are interested in to volunteers@archelon.gr

Become a volunteer

Greek speakers

A number of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers with excellent knowledge of the Greek language and mentality is needed in ARCHELON’s nesting beach projects. Their duties will be the same as for the rest of volunteers/ interns, but their participation aims to ensure, that a number of school presentations, participation in local events, and communication through the information kiosks are conducted in Greek. They will also support Field Leaders in maintaining communication with businesses, public authorities, locals and Greek visitors. Internships from Greek Educational Institutions on a variety of subjects are also welcome.

Please indicate on your application your level of knowledge of the Greek language. Reduced volunteer participation fees for Greek speakers on nesting beach projects are shown in the Overview Table. From 1/1/2022 fees are applied as shown in the Overview Table of Participation fees as well as the cancellation policy and policy for the change of participation dates. Relevant information can be seen here.

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